Chicagoland BBq Cleaners


 Residential Cleanings starting at just $150

Pricing is based on size of grill and nature of cleaning.  Natural Gas and Propane Grills Only!

Sorry but we do not clean charcoal grills

or smokers.


  • Health - Remove those harmful carcinogens left inside and on your grates.

  • Safety - Eliminate the possibility of flare-ups.  Accumulated grease can suddenly ignite which can burn you and your 

  • Taste - Keep your food tasting great!  Get rid of the grease and old food residue that can interfere with your new culinary efforts.

  • Restoration - Protect against future corrosion and keep your grill in optimum working order.

  • Sanitation - Keep insects and rodents out. Spiders, mice, and bees love to make nests in winterized idle grills.

  • Appearance - Be the envy of neighbors and friends when they see how polished and shiny your grill now is.

In most cases, we are able to get your grill

looking and performing like new again!

General Rates & Services

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"Bring back the sizzle"